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Case Law Search - The search engine provides for a refined search of summaries of decisions rendered in international child abduction cases. The database can be searched by Keyword, Legal issue (as commented on in the Case Law Analysis Section), Case name, INCADAT record number, Date, Country of decision, Court level, Order, Court name, Judge, Requested and Requesting State, Hague Convention Articles, Other provisions and Legal basis (of the court decision). The search can be restricted to "Important cases", "Hague Convention cases", "Non-Hague Convention cases", "Brussels II bis cases" and "Inter-American Convention cases". For further information use the help button on the search page.

Case Law Analysis - Legal analysis of case law is prepared on behalf of the Hague Conference on Private International Law by Professor Peter McEleavy (University of Dundee, Scotland) with the assistance of Aude Fiorini (University of Dundee, Scotland). The legal analysis of case law is sorted by legal issues in a folder system table. Each case summary contains under "INCADAT comment" the case law analysis relevant to that summarised case.

New Summaries - This page displays the latest case summaries. The settings of the page can also be changed to only show the latest "Important cases", "Hague Convention cases", "Non-Hague Convention cases", "Brussels II bis cases" and "Inter-American Convention cases".

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Bibliography - This page contains a bibliography dealing with international child abduction and the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention.

Guides to Good Practice - Links to the Guides to Good Practice drafted by the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference which are relevant in international child abduction cases can be found on this page.

Legal Instruments - The Legal Instruments page displays global, regional and bilateral instruments relevant for international child abduction cases.

Inter-American Convention Section - The Inter-American Child Abduction Section is intended to monitor the regional development of jurisprudence related to the Inter-American Convention of 15 July 1989 on the International Return of Children and also to provide access doctrine in Spanish and key reference documents related to international child abduction in the Americas.

Non-Hague Convention Section - The Non-Hague Convention Child Abduction Section aims to facilitate understanding of the wide range of responses which have been adopted to deal with cases in which the Hague Child Abduction Convention does not apply.

Contributors - This page contains an acknowledgement of the work of the various contributors, including all INCADAT correspondents, who have made the creation and maintenance of this database possible.

Editorial Team - The names of experts currently responsible for the editing of INCADAT content are displayed on this page.

Help - Through this page you can contact us regarding technical problems. Please note that we cannot accept individual requests regarding child abduction cases as we neither have the mandate nor the means to become involved in individual cases; any such requests made through the INCADAT help page will not be answered.

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