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Nombre del caso

[father] tegen [mother] Hof Den Haag 14 februari 2018, ECLI:NL:GHDHA:2018:296

Referencia INCADAT

HC/E/NL 1384



Países Bajos - Reino en Europa


Gerechtshof Den Haag


Tribunal de Apelaciones

Estados involucrados

Estado requerido

Países Bajos - Reino en Europa



14 February 2018




Objeciones del niño a la restitución - art. 13(2) | Grave riesgo - art. 13(1)(b)


Apelación desestimada, restitución denegada

Artículo(s) del Convenio considerados

3 12 13(1)(b) 13(2)

Artículo(s) del Convenio invocados en la decisión

13(1)(b) 13(2)

Otras disposiciones

Artikel 13 lid 5, Uitvoeringswet internationale kinderontvoering 

Jurisprudencia | Casos referidos



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4 children wrongfully removed - Nationals of the Netherlands - Married parents - Father and mother nationals of the Netherlands - Order of 22 November 2017 granted a certified authority ("gecertificeerde autoriteit") temporary custody pending the execution of a return order (if any); parents initially had joint custudy  - Children lived in an unidentified State until 14 June 2017 - Return refused - Main issues: objections of the child to return, Art. 13(1)(b) grave risk exception to return - In cases in which the children's objections go farther than expressing a mere preference not to return, and in which the children's testimony is consistent and there is evidence of severe insecurity, instability and uncertainty in the environment to which they are to be returned, return may be refused under Art. 13(2) of the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention, provided the children have attained the appropriate age and degree of maturity - Ordering the return of only some of the children will result in separation, which could place the returned children in an intolerable situation - Return may be refused under Art. 13(1)(b) of the Convention for all children where there is a history of repeated domestic violence, intervention of the courts and social workers, and where the children have suffered from frequent changes of residence and school; and where the care provided in the requested State is restoringing continuity to their lives and enabling them to process their trauma, such that it is in their best interests to remain there


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